• Life rewards risk

  • Only those who risk win

  • Risk is optional

In business, profit is the reward for risk-taking. In countries and communities growth and prosperity are the rewards. And in love, finding your soul mate is the reward. The law of risk and reward doesn’t just apply in business: Warren Buffett risking his money, Oprah Winfrey risking her reputation or Richard Branson risking his empire from time to time. The law applies to the silver-tongued guy who thinks unprotected sex doesn’t have consequences, the reckless woman who thinks driving while she’s hammered can’t change lives in a split-second and the self-obsessed teenager who thinks taking a shortcut down a railroad track with earbuds in couldn’t end his or her life in a flash. Risks are always rewarded. The key is to consistently stack the odds in your favour. This requires you to know and take responsibility for what specifically is under your control and what isn’t.

My next book, Be Brave. Take Risks. will be released in the fall of 2014.




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