Speaker Nicholas Boothman

How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less

The #1 most important skill for leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, teachers and managers.

Length of Speech: 60 – 90 Minutes

Happiness Leadership Conference – Lisbon, Portugal 2016

Using body language, attitude, voice, and synchronizing behavior, Boothman shows how to create a winning first impression and, within 90 seconds, a lasting trust. Then, when those 90 seconds are up, he shows how to master the people-to-people skills that are essential to an profitable business relationship.

Drawing on his years in advertising, Boothman reveals how to make your message stand out and stick in a world that’s already glutted with information

Audiences learn to:


Maximize first impressions with different types of people


Articulate ideas in ways that are simple, interesting and memorable


Find common ground with strangers


Connect with the emotions


Identify the different ways people communicate


Rally and inspire cooperation


Network strategically

“I went back and checked and it turns out that every single person that got a deal on Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank was able to connect and articulate their business ideas in 90 seconds or less.”KEVIN O’LEARY – SHARK AND DRAGON


For leaders, professionals, educators, fund-raisers, front-line, support and sales personnel.

Length of Speech: 40 – 75 Minutes

It’s a proven fact that using stories to communicate your messages and ideas is a powerful way to connect with customers and clients.

Today’s corporate leaders like them because they bring their heritage to life. They share them with their customers, their staff, their new hires. 

Customers like hearing them because they build trust and make relationships human and personal.

Individuals like telling stories because it makes them more interesting amusing and popular.

StorySpeak isn’t just about telling stories it has three main components: Talking in color, i-kola and  Story-telling or shish-kebabs to capture the imagination and capture the heart.

Audiences learn to:


engage any audience by “Talking in Color” to create word pictures and emotional short stories on the fly 


use “i-kolas” (acronym for “it’s kind of like a) to create memorable soundbites, spread word of mouth and make ideas shareable with a few catchy words (“float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”)


use “StorySpeak” to make complicated concepts sound simple and interesting


use “Parallel Experience” to build relationships with storytelling


use “StorySpeak” to rally and inspire individuals and groups 


use “Future Pacing” to extend ideas into the future

We are natural-born storytellers.
it’s in our genes.

What do Warren Buffet, Sheryl Sandberg and Elon Musk have in common? They know facts tell but stories sell. That’s why they use StorySpeak, the oldest and most powerful language in the world, to fix their ideas in the heads and hearts of other people.

Facts and figures fade fast.
“Once upon a time” lasts forever.

We learn the basics of storytelling as soon as we learn to talk. By the age of five, we tell stories to wangle, cajole and get what we want. But for most it ends there. We still tell stories, but without the structure to make much of an impact on other people. 

“Bring Boothman’s ideas into your organization, your place of work, and they will have a dramatic effect on everything: how you run meetings, how you solve problems, how you connect with clients, how you connect with each other, fun, morale and general health and well-being.” – DELOITTE CONSULTING

How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less

For retail, front-line and support personnel, individuals, associations and students of all ages.

Length of Speech: 50 – 75 Minutes

 PBS TV Special 2016

How to Make People Like You focuses on the concept of synchrony. It shows how to synchronize attitude, body language, and voice tone so that you instantly and imperceptibly become someone the other person likes. Reinforcing these easy-to-learn skills is knowing how to read the other person’s sensory preferences-most of us are visual, some are kinesthetic, and a minority are auditory.

Along the way Nicholas covers attitude, nervousness, words that open a conversation and words that shut it down, compliments, eye cues and more.

Audiences learn:


The power of a Really Useful Attitude


How to overcome hesitation


Open vs. closed body language


The art of synchronizing


How to get people talking and keep them talking


Active listening


The three sensory preferences and how to read them

“Entertaining and enlightening – a phenomenal hit.”AT&T.   “Interactive, funny and richly rewarding.” WORLD INSURANCE FORUM   “Positive, energetic and humorous… this man is magic.” ERNST & YOUNG

Keynote Speaker Nicholas Boothman in action:

More Speech Videos can be found here: Speaker Nicholas Boothman

Some More Clients & Quotes

“Training the New York Supercops includes daily discussions on the works of Aristotle, George Orwell and Nicholas Boothman.”

- The New Yorker

“They don’t call him the ‘kick-start expert’ for nothing. Nick sets the tone for the day and has people connecting like old trusted friends in no time at all.”


“Nick has an ability to cut through so much of the blather that is dished out these days. His preparation was critical in giving our team HELPFUL tools they could take out into the workplace immediately.”

- Volkswagen of America

“Great Job! Everyone at our convention really enjoyed your talk. It was impressive to witness all the conversations that followed.”

- The UPS Store

“I have personally worked with Nick on 3 events and in each he has gotten rave reviews.”

- AT&T, New York

“Uplifting, inspiring, full of hope and a host of skills we can use right now.”

- Gartner Consulting

“Every time Nicholas has spoken on our behalf he has enthralled and impressed the audience from the first minute and a half of the presentation until the last syllable was uttered.”

- Mackenzie Financial Corp

“AWESOME You are a gifted speaker, Mr. Boothman!! What a joy to listen to you. Your enthusiasm is absolutely infectious. Excellent feedback from the participants.”

- Standard Life

“The rave reviews are still coming in. Your professionalism, charisma, intellect — are why you are considered one of the best in your field. Again, thanks a million. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to work with you.”

- RE/MAX Central States and Dixie

“Nick’s presentation resulted in really useful attitudes, improved customer service, raised productivity… and more fun at work.”

- Compliance Division, Ministry of Finance

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