More than 600 corporations, thousands of small businesses, and six of the world’s leading business schools know the better you are at connecting and articulating your business ideas, the faster you’ll pull ahead of the competition.

That’s why they contacted Nicholas Boothman.

Speech #1. How to Make Customers Like You in 90 Seconds or Less

When customers like you they tend to see the best in you and look for reasons to say “yes.” When they don’t like you: the opposite is true. 

How to Make Customers Like You in 90 Seconds or Less is a motivational, interactive speech of 55-75 minutes that produces exceptional customer service, higher sales and profits.

Audiences learn to feel confident and comfortable as they:

Use the ABCs (Attitude, Body Language, Conversation) to make a great first impression


Engender trust and respect with different types of people


Get people talking and keep them talking


Quickly find common ground with strangers


Identify the different ways people communicate


Rally and inspire cooperation

VARIATIONS INCLUDE: How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less. How to Connect in Healthcare – Real-Estate – on the Trade-Show Floor – in Education – in Fundraising in 90 Seconds or Less

How to Make Customers Like You in 90 Seconds or Less
Custom Speech for Rockwell Automation, Houston Convention Centre
Standing room only – 500 seated, 190 standing throughout.

“I went back and checked and it turns out that every single person that got a deal on Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank was able to connect and articulate their business ideas in 90 seconds or less.”KEVIN O’LEARY – SHARK AND DRAGON

Speech #2. How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less

Whether you’re selling, negotiating, interviewing, networking, or leading a team, success depends on convincing other people – and convincing other people depends of making meaningful connections and articulating your business ideas in ways that are simple and memorable.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling real estate, interviewing for a job, designing concept cars, recommending the lamb chops over the chili con carne, or looking for the perfect partner, people must feel, “I trust you, you make sense, and you move me.”

Nicholas Boothman, an expert on forging instant relationships, shows how to use the tools available to all of us – face, body, attitude, words and voice to establish trust and master the people-to-people skills that will help you persuade others to embrace and act on your ideas. 

Happiness Leadership Conference – Lisbon, Portugal

“Bring Boothman’s ideas into your organization, your place of work, and they will have a dramatic effect on everything: how you run meetings, how you solve problems, how you connect with clients, how you connect with each other, fun, morale and general health and well-being.” – DELOITTE CONSULTING

StorySpeakers earn more, out-perform, do better in school and college, get hired and promoted faster and get better service in person, and over the phone, than fact-speakers.

Speech#3. I Tap Dance To Work.

Since the beginning of time, legions of individuals, entrepreneurs and leaders have relied on StorySpeak over FactSpeak to capture hearts and minds. Using word pictures and strategic short stories they pitch and present ideas, land jobs and promotions, problem solve, simplify, teach and inspire loyalty.

When Bill Gates, the richest man in the US asked Warren Buffett, the second richest man in the US “How do you define success?” he replied, “I tap dance to work.” That’s StorySpeak. Warren Buffett could have taken five minutes to explain how he defines success and how it makes him feel but instead he did it in five, vivid, memorable words. He’s famous for talking this way. He credits his ability to create word pictures and short stories that quickly simplify complicated concepts as a big part of his success.

When Bill gates was asked why he didn’t come up with the iPhone he said “it’s kind of like surfing. We’re all out there waiting for the next wave and I was in the wrong place. The other guy got the wave.” Bill Gates created a parallel experience between market trends and surfing: that’s StorySpeak too.

Steve Jobs was obsessed with StorySpeak. He flipped “graphical interface” into “desktop” and called the computer “a bicycle for the mind.” He used intuitive metaphors (StorySpeak) for his products like iPad, MacBook Air and High Sierra. The names Apple, PayPal and Windows are all StorySpeak.

StorySpeak flips attitudes and influences opinions. When Maya Angelou said “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud” she was using StorySpeak. Queen Elizabeth 1 of England proclaimed “I have the body of a woman, but the heart and stomach of a king” she rallied her troops into battle more than five hundred years earlier.

Most of us are unwitting slaves to our imagination. Out of control, your imagination can ruin your life, rob you of your confidence, and literally frighten you to death. But, under control, your imagination can energize, motivate and drive you to extraordinary heights and great happiness.It’s a proven fact that using word pictures and stories to communicate our messages and ideas is the single most powerful way to inspire and motivate audiences, customers, investors, employees, family, friends and yourself.

The genius of all great orators and communicators lies in their ability to use metaphors and stories to motivate any audience – be it one or one million people.

An “image” is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to explaining complicated concepts and ideas. An image conjured up in the imagination of the listener can get across large chunks of information much faster and more memorably than a long-winded factual description.

But, StorySpeak is more than just that. It’s about painting simple word-pictures to pitch ideas, telling short stories to make things more interesting, and creating conversation with chemistry to captivate, to explain and motivate audiences of any size.

StorySpeak is about creating memorable, mental images of what you want to communicate to other people; ideas, values, motivation, knowledge or understanding. Mental images are more influential, and easier to remember than facts and figures.

I Tap Dance To Work is an upbeat interactive speech that shows how to capture the hearts and minds of customers, colleagues and employees, pitch and present ideas, bring brands alive, inspire loyalty, problem solve and lead change. More

More Speech Videos can be found here: Speaker Nicholas Boothman

Some More Clients & Quotes

“Training the New York Supercops includes daily discussions on the works of Aristotle, George Orwell and Nicholas Boothman.”

- The New Yorker

“They don’t call him the ‘kick-start expert’ for nothing. Nick sets the tone for the day and has people connecting like old trusted friends in no time at all.”


“Nick has an ability to cut through so much of the blather that is dished out these days. His preparation was critical in giving our team HELPFUL tools they could take out into the workplace immediately.”

- Volkswagen of America

“Great Job! Everyone at our convention really enjoyed your talk. It was impressive to witness all the conversations that followed.”

- The UPS Store

“I have personally worked with Nick on 3 events and in each he has gotten rave reviews.”

- AT&T, New York

“Uplifting, inspiring, full of hope and a host of skills we can use right now.”

- Gartner Consulting

“Every time Nicholas has spoken on our behalf he has enthralled and impressed the audience from the first minute and a half of the presentation until the last syllable was uttered.”

- Mackenzie Financial Corp

“AWESOME You are a gifted speaker, Mr. Boothman!! What a joy to listen to you. Your enthusiasm is absolutely infectious. Excellent feedback from the participants.”

- Standard Life

“The rave reviews are still coming in. Your professionalism, charisma, intellect — are why you are considered one of the best in your field. Again, thanks a million. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to work with you.”

- RE/MAX Central States and Dixie

“Nick’s presentation resulted in really useful attitudes, improved customer service, raised productivity… and more fun at work.”

- Compliance Division, Ministry of Finance

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