Nicholas Boothman brings the ancient art of storytelling into robust 21st century application in “The Irresistible Power of StorySpeak.” His deceptively casual story-based approach to content is engaging, inspiring, and simple to use.

StorySpeak teaches businesses and individuals, with carefully chosen examples and definitions, how to choose, mold, and deliver content with audience-inspiring verve.

Research shows that StorySpeakers earn more, out-perform, do better in school and college, get hired and promoted faster and get better service in person and over the phone than fact-speakers.

It’s a proven fact that using word pictures and stories to communicate our messages and ideas is the single most powerful way to connect with customers, investors, employees, family and friends – and stay connected.

Since the beginning of time, free-spirited individuals have relied on a gifted way with words to:

1. connect with all types of different people

2. plant their ideas in the heads and hearts of these people so they act on them and

3. change their world for the better.

The Irresistible Power of StorySpeak shows how they did it and how you can do it too.

When Warren Buffett, the second richest man in the US and holder of the unofficial title “America’s Greatest Storyteller” was asked, “Do you enjoy your work?”  He replied, “I tap-dance to work.”  That’s StorySpeak. He credits his ability to create short stories and word-pictures that simplify complicated concepts as a big part of his success.

Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a Dream” speech used StorySpeak to contrast the intolerant society of the day with an ideal future where all races are treated equally. Steve Jobs’ legendary Stanford commencement speech in 2005 used StorySpeak to inspire students, as did Queen Elizabeth 1 of England’s “I have the body of a woman, but the heart and stomach of a king” speech to rally her troops more than five hundred years earlier. 

StorySpeak invigorates brands, stimulates marketing, sways attitudes and opinions and arouses growth. The names PayPal, Apple and Windows are all StorySpeak. Mohammed Ali’s “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”  Pure StorySpeak.

Almost every successful book, movie or song ever written relies on StorySpeak to connect with the human spirit, as does every riveting conversation, presentation and speech.

“The one skill every business and individual needs to master.”


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