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We need the emotional and physical input from other humans as much as we do the air we breathe and the food we eat. Deprive us of it, and we will wither and decay, just as surely as if we were deprived of food and fresh air.

But when people come together, joy and knowledge can be shared, love and hope can be found, wealth can be gathered, food can be grown, diseases cured, the planet preserved, and miracles can happen—every day, every hour, every minute.

Because the biggest miracle of all is you.


The international success of How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less and Convince Them in 90 Seconds or Less paved the way for Mingle Magic, the final book in the “Rapport by Design Trilogy.”

In Nicholas Boothman’s simple and upbeat style, Mingle Magic uncovers the hidden truths of how we are all connected and how epiphanies (those “aha” moments), purpose (meaning), projects, and flow (that feeling of effortless progress) are waiting for you to harness them for a healthier world and a wealthier you.

In seven simple steps, Mingle Magic shows how to connect with others and follow your heart to create a world where life happens FOR you, rather than TO you.

Anthropologists now agree that our ability to cooperate, form relationships, and weave together seemingly unrelated elements going on right under our noses, is the real key to our long-term survival and prosperity. 


Training the New York SuperCops includes daily discussions on the works of Aristotle, George Orwell and Nicholas Boothman” – THE NEW YORKER

“Nicholas Boothman is truly inspirational” – THE ECONOMIST MAGAZINE

“Boothman is Dale Carnegie for a rushed era.” – THE NEW YORK TIMES


FORMATS: Keynote/General Session 45 – 60 minutes or Workshop 3 hours

It’s all here…. Make meaningful connections with people – fast. At home, school, work in the areas of friendship, romance, sales and interviews.

Improve relationships at home, go to work happier and with peace of mind.

Establish deep rapport with individuals, customers and groups in less than 90 seconds.

Reveal skills you already have but are unaware of and do not put to good use.

Approach anyone with confidence, and sincerity and thoroughly enjoy the experience.


FORMATS: Keynote/General Session 45 – 60 minutes or Workshop 3 hours

Look at who is leading the way in business today, and you’ll find that the trailblazers and visionaries spearheading success are the ones who prioritize and actively promote the survival of the friendliest.

These leaders recognize the profound impact that interconnectedness can have on driving innovation, sparking game-changing strategies, and navigating the ever-evolving challenges of today’s dynamic market.

By developing the ability to connect seemingly unrelated dots, businesses can unlock creative potential and leverage it to propel the company forward.

“Bring Boothman into your organization, your place of work, and he will have a dramatic effect on everything: how you run meetings, how you solve problems, how you connect with clients, how you connect with each other, fun, morale and general health and well-being.”


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