We humans are energy systems in nature and we get our energy from just 3 places; food, fresh air and each other. We need the emotional and physical input of other humans as much as we need the food we eat and the air we breathe  Deprive of us of it and we will wither and die just as surely as if you took away our food and our fresh air.


Internationally acclaimed author of five books, Nicholas Boothman has informed, entertained and inspired thousands of people with his presentations, talk-shows and writings. His techniques have helped millions add more value to their business and personal lives.

A former international fashion and advertising photographer, Nicholas worked in an industry where people decided how they felt about each other within a matter of seconds.

Today, an entertaining speaker, he inspires corporations, associations, colleges and universities around the world, including both the Harvard and London Business Schools.

It has never been more important to talk to other people than it is today but talking to strangers can be difficult in person.  Try chatting instead: chatting is easy. Chatting is short, trivial and nobody notices if you mess up. Chatting in person energizes us and makes us feel good. 

Chat with the people you work with to share knowledge and hope, chat with the people you live with to find love and companionship. Chat with your neighbors to discover out what you can learn from each other; not just the things you agree on but the things you disagree on because that’s where the learning and the leadership begin.       

And chat to make magic.     

Other people don’t just hold the keys to joy, hope and knowledge: they hold the keys to something much more exciting. Lucky breaks and serendipity. There’s not a single Nobel Prize winning scientist, billionaire or celebrity will refute this. They know serendipity and lucky breaks are real and they can change your life in a flash and they nearly always come in the shape of other people.


  • Be Cool and Assume the Best  
  • Use the 3-Second Rule – just count to 3 and do it 
  • Assume Rapport – just start chatting as if the person is your favorite cousin or friend 
  • Be a Chameleon – loosely synchronize your body language and voice-tone with theirs (like when you talk to a toddler or an old person)  
  • Ask “Talk-Show Host” Questions – a statement about the occasion or location followed by an open question (let’s say you’re visiting Montreal “I hear Montreal’s a great place. If I only had a day there, what should I see?”)  
  • Give Physical and Spoken Feedback – nod, smile, make expressions, say “aha” “oh really” etc. 
  • Look for Pointers – pick up on things they say and ask about them   

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