It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling real estate,  interviewing for a job, recommending the lamb chops over the chili con carne, or giving the State of the Union address; you have to be fully connected in order for people to buy in and take action. Fully connected means people unconsciously feel, “I trust you, you make sense, and, most of all, you move me emotionally.”

Most people can deliver on one of these levels; some on two. Connecting on all three at the same time is the hallmark of an outstanding communicator.


Training the New York SuperCops includes daily discussions on the works of Aristotle, George Orwell and Nicholas Boothman” – THE NEW YORKER

“Nicholas Boothman is truly inspirational” – THE ECONOMIST MAGAZINE

“Boothman is Dale Carnegie for a rushed era.” – THE NEW YORK TIMES


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“Bring Boothman into your organization, your place of work, and he will have a dramatic effect on everything: how you run meetings, how you solve problems, how you connect with clients, how you connect with each other, fun, morale and general health and well-being.”


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