Teens today are expected to get top grades in high school and do everything they can to get into a great college so they can have a successful career…and parents are supposed to help get them there.

With these sky-high expectations, failure is not an option. Teens are staying up late at night watching polished and curated versions of life and filling their minds with images of the final product of success (with few examples of the hard work it took to get there). Teens feel hopeless, stuck, and worthless just “doing school”, so they escape into the virtual world because “real life” is filled with uncomfortable emotions. Rates of teen anxiety, depression and suicide are rising, and parents are wondering how to keep their teens healthy, safe, and on track.

So many parents can see their teen’s suffering, but feel powerless to be a positive influence in their life. The old autocratic ways of telling our kids to obey “because I said so” don’t work anymore, and now more then ever before, parents need to learn the skills to EMPOWER their teens. Teens are desperately searching for  real-life mentors to walk with them through their storm of emotions as they make their way into the adult world.

We need to transform all that pressure into PERFORMANCE.

That’s why my colleague, Deanne Barrett, has been speaking with teen experts, parenting experts, and high performance experts to bring together the best insights so that YOU can step up as a powerful leader for your teen.

Deanne has put these conversations together into an incredible FREE global virtual event focused on helping YOU access the resources you need to be a strong leader for your teen. This event is called:

High Performance Parenting: Activate your parenting POWER so you can have a MASSIVE impact on your teens (before they’re out of your house forever)

Deanne has invited me and over 21 other thought leaders to share our very best practices and insights so that you can identify the mindset and daily habits you need to be a MASSIVE influence in your teen’s life!


Through this interview series you’ll discover how to

  • Influence your teen through your own self-mastery
  • Enroll your teen into living their best life
  • Clarify what is your responsibility, and what is your teen’s responsibility
  • Connect with the resources you need to stay on your game as a parent
  • Prioritize an attitude of curiosity about your teen’s life
  • Focus on building the foundations of the relationship you want to have with your teen when they’re an adult
  • Lead a growth-mindset home
  • Empower your teen to take action toward their goals (one tiny step at a time)
  • Commit to taking strategic action when setting boundaries with your teen.

Just to be clear,

This isn’t about becoming a perfect parent (There’s no such thing).

This isn’t about adding more pressure to your life.

This IS about MAXIMIZING the opportunities that you have to INFLUENCE your teen.

CLICK HERE  to reserve your FREE all-access pass!

STOP making the same parenting mistakes and expecting a different result!

STOP wasting time and energy doing what you THINK might make a difference, and start with strategic, proven, actions that researchers KNOW will make a difference in your teen’s life!

This movement has the capacity to release an entire generation from comparison, isolation, and a fear of failure and give rise to a new generation of parents and teens who are empowered to lead their own lives with clarity, courage, and purpose.

The huge shift is happening.

CLICK HERE for access to every interview AND more than 20 bonus resources for you and your family!

If you’re ready for a real change, I invite you and any of the parents in your life to join us for High Performance Parenting.

Please join me and my fellow thought leaders here,

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