12 reasons why Nicholas Boothman should be your next speaker

1. More than 600 businesses, 2,000,000 individuals and 6 of the world’s leading business schools use his methodology to connect, inspire and convince – naturally

2. Nicholas walks his talk

He makes an immediate connection with his audience and holds them enthralled and entertained to the very end. He is up-beat, energetic, entertaining, informative and funny

3. Take-home value

Nicholas makes an intellectual and emotional impact on his audience and they leave with tools they can take out into the workplace immediately

4. He has impeccable credentials

His books How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less and How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less are true international best sellers. He is an ongoing, quoted resource to The New York Times, ABC News and numerous local and national media outlets. The New York Times calls him “one of the leading experts in face-to-face communication in the world,” and the Economist Magazine calls him “truly inspirational.”

He has been invited to speak and give workshops at both the Harvard and London Business Schools

5. He provides opportunities for his audience to get to know one other

A key part of the success of any conference is that people get together, talk and share their knowledge. Bring him in at the beginning of an event and he creates a bridge for people to connect with each other throughout the rest of the day. This has massive benefits for the Intellectual Capital of the company and the event

6. He is different and memorable

Nicholas doesn’t do what other people do. His presentations are not typical and not traditional: they are innovative, inspired, and creative

7. His content is accessible

Nicholas speaks in ways audiences can immediately understand. He is not technical or academic. His talks are relevant and insightful and offer fresh perspectives and approaches

8. He does his homework

He takes the time to really learn about your clients business and the challenges they face

9. He is easy to work with

Nicholas is friendly, accessible and down to earth. Although he travels extensively he can easily be reached by email

10. He is reliable, loyal and ethical

Nicholas always likes to arrive well ahead of time. He is loyal to his clients and holds himself to the highest ethical standards

11. He is flexible

Nicholas can tailor his presentation for your particular business be it finance, healthcare, retail, hi-tech, hospitality, tourism, sales, real-estate, consulting, pharmaceuticals, etc.

12. He has a “no-surprises” air travel policy.