AMAJAMA means love and amazement. It is the special mindset from which all inspiration springs. To access this mindset requires three simple adjustments:

  • balance your five Primal Powers, namely, enthusiasm, curiosity, flexibility, empathy and enthusiasm
  • re-define yourself accurately 
  • uncover your Statement of Fortune

When you achieve AMAJAMA people, purpose, projects and passion will come together for you like never before.

When this happens fear, doubt and anxiety go out the window, your potential goes through the roof and opportunities and lucky breaks come through the front door.

Workshops & Talks

Hands-On Training with NICHOLAS BOOTHMAN

Attend the next Amajama Workshop

Saturday, August 17th, 2019, Kendal, Ontario

Places are limited.

More Info

You can achieve the AMAJAMA mindset in a single informal session at Nicholas Boothman’s country estate nesteled in the rolling Kendal Hills one hour east of Toronto, Canada.

Study materials are included in the price and there are plenty of Airbnbs and hotels close by. Lunch will be provided. We have unlimited parking.

Toronto International Airport is a one hour drive away.

More than 3,000 people have attained AMAJAMA. 

No guarantees of success are implied.

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