45-60 Minute Speech – Take Control of Your Luck and Your Lifespan in 90 Seconds or Less

Over the last 160 years, the human lifespan has grown by more than 40 years – that’s a 4 to 1 ratio. That means every four years it has grown by one year; or by one day every four days. That’s six hours a day. In other words, a baby born tomorrow will live six hours longer than a baby born today. It sounds crazy but it’s true.

Researchers at Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, the world’s leading, and Nobel Prize winning, authority on the subject, forecast a child born in 2021 should, on average, live to 106.

But, they won’t live that long for 3 reasons. Their self-talk, their postal code and their unwillingness to take risks will whisk them away before their time is up. 

1. Your Self Talk – Reset Your Explanatory Style
The way you explain your life and circumstances to yourself and others has a profound impact on your decisions, your personality, your lifestyle, your confidence, your health, your wealth and your destiny. It’s a habit, or style, that can harm or help you. It can be reset in 90 seconds.

2. Your Postal Code – Raise Your Social Capital
Spending time with people who radiate a positive outlook is the single most critical factor to your future luck. The World Health Organization introduced the idea of social health in 1947 and declared it to mean physical, mental and social health.Your “social health” revolves around your ability to make social connections; your “social capital” is your ability to hang on to them. Your social capital boosts your opportunities, cooperation, job prospects, health, love, finances, longevity, safety and serendipity. It can be raised in bursts of 90 seconds or less.

3. Your Willingness to Take Risks – Find Growth and Golden Opportunities

Serendipity by Design

Most people think luck is something we have little control over, but anyone who wants to make the effort can and will improve their luck. Serendipity plays a vital role in science, technology, business, innovation, work, home, love and play – there’s not a single Fortune 500 company president, Noble Prize winner, billionaire or movie star that will refute this. They know serendipity is real and it can change your fortune for the better in a flash if you know how to prepare for it. It can be triggered in 90 seconds or less.

Serendipity isn’t a Babysitter

You can’t just sit at home waiting for the magic to happen. You need something else. Researchers at the University of Hertfordshire in England spent 8 years researching why some people have more luck than others. They found 80 percent of the people who try to increase their luck by adjusting their mindset are successful and that on average it only took 30 days to improve their luck by 40 percent. Do one thing every day that scares you. On the other side of that fear lie your growth and golden opportunities.

How this relates to you and how you can make your life easier starting today, is what this one hour talk is about. And, the sooner you get started, the better.


45-60 Minute Speech – How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less

Learn to use the ABCs of face-to-face communication: Attitude, Body-language, Conversation, Communication and Convincing to create instant, trusting connections..

Whether you’re selling, managing, negotiating, planning, collaborating, pitching, instructing-or on your knees with a marriage proposal-the secret of success is based on creating instant rapport with other people

For retail, direct sales, front-line and support personnel, individuals, associations and students of all ages.

Audiences gain confidence, make friends, ace interviews, get people talking and learn how to make the best of the most important 90 seconds in any relationship, business or personal.

45-60 Minute Speech – How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less

It’s all here…. Make meaningful connections with people – fast. At home, school, work in the areas of friendship, romance, sales and interviews.

Improve relationships at home, go to work happier and with peace of mind.

Establish deep rapport with individuals, customers and groups in less than 90 seconds.

Reveal skills you already have but are unaware of and do not put to good use.

Approach anyone with confidence, and sincerity and thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Discover the ABCs of face-to-face communication: Attitude, Body-language, Conversation and Communication.

Nicholas Boothman’s program of establishing face-to-face communication is revealed in this signature speech.



45-60 Minute Speech – Business needs more StorySpeak

StorySpeak is more than just telling stories… 

– it’s TALKING IN COLOR for charismatic conversation that makes people feel good and excited

– it’s I-KOLAs – simple word pictures to capture hearts, minds and spirits

 – it’s POINT-STORIES – short strategic real-world stories to build a brand, fundraise, change attitude and make complicated concepts sound simple and memorable 

– it’s STEPPING STONES – rousing motivational speeches and presentations to share a vision, pitch a product, enhance performance and inspire loyalty

– it’s EPIPHANY BRIDGING – infecting people with the same emotional experience that got YOU excited about the opportunity you’re presenting THEM.

StorySpeak enhances the value of what you are selling.


Some Clients & Quotes

“Training the New York Supercops includes daily discussions on the works of Aristotle, George Orwell and Nicholas Boothman.”

- The New Yorker

“They don’t call him the ‘kick-start expert’ for nothing. Nick sets the tone for the day and has people connecting like old trusted friends in no time at all.”


“Nick has an ability to cut through so much of the blather that is dished out these days. His preparation was critical in giving our team HELPFUL tools they could take out into the workplace immediately.”

- Volkswagen of America

“Great Job! Everyone at our convention really enjoyed your talk. It was impressive to witness all the conversations that followed.”

- The UPS Store

“I have personally worked with Nick on 3 events and in each he has gotten rave reviews.”

- AT&T, New York

“Uplifting, inspiring, full of hope and a host of skills we can use right now.”

- Gartner Consulting

“Every time Nicholas has spoken on our behalf he has enthralled and impressed the audience from the first minute and a half of the presentation until the last syllable was uttered.”

- Mackenzie Financial Corp

“AWESOME You are a gifted speaker, Mr. Boothman!! What a joy to listen to you. Your enthusiasm is absolutely infectious. Excellent feedback from the participants.”

- Standard Life

“The rave reviews are still coming in. Your professionalism, charisma, intellect — are why you are considered one of the best in your field. Again, thanks a million. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to work with you.”

- RE/MAX Central States and Dixie

“Nick’s presentation resulted in really useful attitudes, improved customer service, raised productivity… and more fun at work.”

- Compliance Division, Ministry of Finance

Nicholas Boothman, an expert on forging instant relationships, shows how to use the tools available to all of us – face, body, attitude, words and voice to establish trust and master the people-to-people skills that will help you persuade others to embrace and act on your ideas. 

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