They haven’t met yet but they’ll be taking part in the next Talking to Strangers Meetup®, upstairs at the Coffee Public Cafe in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada. 

Talking to Strangers is a not-for-profit, two and a half hour session where people under 30 people meet people over 50 to practice and improve their conversation skills.

The benefit to the younger people is that in one evening they learn to make conversation with all kinds of people. The benefit to the older people is they get involved in a project that gets them up and out. The benefit to the community is they bridge the generation gap. The benefit to all is access to new horizons.

Together they make magic.


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Talking to strangers in public can be a challenge. 

Most of us grew up being told not to talk to strangers so we slowly become invisible.

It’s bad advice for kids and terrible advice for adults. It’s far better to teach your kids how to identify who they can and can’t talk to and what to say if they get separated at the mall. 

The benefits of talking to strangers for adults not only makes life more enjoyable and full of unforeseen opportunities, it also helps develop confidence and high self-esteem and puts an end to loneliness and isolation.

Call it luck, coincidence, fate or synchronicity. In one moment, lives can collide and change forever. Yet chance encounters and lucky breaks don’t have as much to do with luck as they do with how you open yourself up to the world.

Our Speaker

“Just about everyone you know today was a stranger once upon a time.” 

Nicholas Boothman explains Talking to Strangers on the Today Show

Nicholas is put to the test by The New York Times


Coffee Public
66 Walton Street,
Port Hope, Ontario

Meetups cost $5 per person. And There’s Only Room for 60!

And every cent goes to the local food bank.

Typical Talking to Strangers Agenda

February 21st, 2019

6:45 Pm


Arrive and sign-in.

7:00 Pm

With Nicholas Boothman

Learn the elements of a great first impression and how to get people talking and keep them talking.

7:15 pm
Getting Started

Over the next 2 hours each younger person gets to spend 5 minutes chatting one-on-one with an older person before moving on to the next person until they have had a turn with everyone.

8:00 pm
Questions and Feedback

With Nicholas Boothman

Nicholas answers questions about first impressions and explains charismatic conversation. 

8:15 Pm
10 Minute Break

Sharing feedback and experiences amongst each other.

8:25 PM
Conversation with Chemistry

Connecting with the senses and the emotions.

9:20 PM
Feedback, Closing Remarks and Where to Go From Here


With a little work you can charm people with your words. With a lot of practice you can create an explosion of cooperation and prosperity.

9:30 PM


Help a writer out.

In a report in The New York Times, behavioral scientists Nicholas Epley and Juliana Schroeder approached commuters in a Chicago area train station and offered them a $5 Starbucks gift card in return for taking part in a simple experiment during their train ride. One group was asked to talk to the stranger who sat down next to them on the train that morning. The other group was asked to keep to themselves.

In study after study when people are asked how they would feel about talking to a stranger, they say they’d be happier sticking to themselves. When asked they assumed less that ten percent of the strangers they see around them would want to talk to them. But it turns out they are consistently wrong.

By the end of the train ride, commuters who talked to a stranger reported having a more positive experience than those who had sat in solitude. Not a single person reported having been snubbed – and the conversations were consistently pleasant. 

And this is just the beginning: there are plenty more really good reasons to talk to strangers every day.

1. Connect and Feel Happy

Elizabeth Dunn,  director of the University of British Columbia’s Happy Lab explains that talking to strangers sometimes beats talking to friends. When you think about the people you talk to each day, friends, family and spouses tend to top the list. But Dr. Dunn’s research suggests that talking to a complete stranger can boost your happiness level and instill a greater sense of belonging.

2. Connect and Find Unforeseen Opportunities and Lucky Breaks

Lucky breaks don’t have a lot to do with luck. There’s not a single best-selling author, Fortune 500 company president, billionaire, Nobel-prize-winning scientist or celebrity that will refute this. They know unforeseen opportunities and lucky breaks have more to do with the strangers you bump into along the way.

3. Connect and Get Creative

When we interact with people who aren’t like us, we get the chance to step out of our comfort zones and see things from different points of view. This can spark creative ideas and give us new horizons.

4. Connect and Live Longer

In the 1979 Alameda County Study by Dr. Lisa Berkman of the Harvard School of Health Sciences, Dr. Berkman and her team carefully looked at 7,000 people, aged 35 to 65, over a period of nine years. Their study concluded that people who actively socialize and meet new people are almost three times less to die of medical illness than those who don’t!

5. Connect and Get Cooperation

Whatever it is you’d like in this life—romance, a dream job, a ticket to the Rose Bowl—the chances are pretty high that you’ll need the help of someone you don’t yet know to get it. 

6. Connect and Feel Safe

A connected community provides its members with strength and safety. When we feel strong and safe, we can put our energy into evolving—socially, culturally and spiritually. Food and shelter aren’t enough. We need each other, and we need love.

7. Connect and Feel Love

Finally, we benefit from each other emotionally. We are not closed, self-regulating systems, but open loops regulated, disciplined, encouraged, reprimanded, supported and validated by the emotional feedback we receive from others. From time to time, we meet someone who influences our emotions and vital body rhythms in such a pleasurable way that we call it love.

Be it through body language, gestures, facial expressions, tone of voice or words alone, other people make our hard times more bearable, our good times much sweeter.


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