There are three really useful attitudes that great communicators have in common: enthusiasm, curiosity, and HUMBILITY. In the right combination, these three attitudes create an irresistible presence.

  • Be enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is hypnotic, magnetic, unstoppable. You can’t buy it—you can only reveal it. It infects others with feelings of  excitement, energy, and vitality. The word enthusiasm comes from the Greek, meaning “God flowing through.”
  • Stay curious. Show me a businessperson who is hungry to learn more about what’s going on around them and I’ll show you someone who is evolving, moving forward, making connections. Always be open to your natural-born curiosity.
  • Embrace humility. Most successful people have large egos and a flair for self-promotion, yet manage to contain them and display a public persona rooted in modesty and service to others. When a large ego is generously wrapped in humility, it is a handsome package. An ego that’s not tempered with humility is arrogant and ugly.

Think of  any great communicator you admire, Clint Eastwood for example, and you will find these three attitudes at the center of their success. Enthusiasm, curiosity, and humbility can be consciously chosen behaviors. They can infuse you with unmistakable signals of vigor and openness.