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Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is a whole different story.

We don’t actually fall in love with other people; we fall in love with the feelings we get when we are with them. We turn those feelings into words and suddenly our hearts are filled with romance.

Each of us has a “key-feeling”, one overarching feeling that has to be validated by another person in order to make us feel complete.  When you know your key-feeling and you meet someone new, and they make you feel that way, you’ve got potential. If they don’t, you’re wasting your time. But this is only half the story. It has to be mutual.

To stay in love – their key-feeling has to be naturally validated by you. And, what’s more, it can’t be the same key-feeling as yours – that is the key to disaster! That’s why only one in sixteen eligible partners will be right for you.

Think of the time and confidence you’ll save when you know your own key-feeling . You can immediately rule-out 75% of the people you meet and begin to rule-in people you may usually dismiss or may have even dismissed in the past.

I know this doesn’t sound romantic but when you find this person, your Matched Opposite, you have the key to an exciting, romantic, long-term love.

Here’s my Valentine gift to you. Your key-feeling.

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