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With a couple of 90-second bursts of crazy courage and a few small steps you can change your life forever – by the end of the week.

We are not limited by what we can do – we’re limited by what we are willing to try.

Our willingness to break barriers and step out of our comfort zones  give us unlimited access to grow and make the most of our potential within us and without.

And most of the time it all comes down to a few well-aimed, 90-second bursts of crazy courage to open the doors to a flood of opportunities.

Taking these kinds of risks is vital to growth and essential for innovation.

Growth depends on trying out new ideas and techniques in all areas of life, work and community.

It means new people, new places and new habits. Why? Because we become the average of the five peoples we spend the most time with, our health and well-being are a product of where we spend our time (your zip code is more influential  than your genetic code when it comes to health and longevity), and most of the time our horizons are obscured by our habits.

You are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with, your health and welfare are a product of where you spend your time and your horizons are obscured by your routines. With a few 90-second bursts of insane courage you can change all this. Here are a few small steps.


Starting today arrange to have coffee with five different people (one a day), three you know vaguely and two you don’t know at all and see where it leads. Accept all reasonable invitations that spring from it.


Starting today make finding new places and spaces a priority. Attend a free event – check out your local Time Out/Now/Today Magazine or equivalent, they hold fountains of opportunities. Take a class, join a group, a team. Visit places close by you’ve never seen, take a bus, a train, stay in a B&B in a new city, village or country. The number of people you know will increase dramatically, along with your pool of energy and resources. You’ll probably even have fun while you’re at it.


Today, list your routines then change them. Starting right away, drive a different route to work; or, if you usually drive, take transit; change supermarkets, park in inconvenient spots, sit somewhere different in meetings, use stairs instead of elevators, go for walks after meals, change your hairstyle.

Make your plans and follow through with them. You’ll be surprised at the results.

We are not limited by what we are capable of doing, but by what we are willing to try. Our willingness to take risks gives us access to unlimited opportunity, but often we let imaginary barriers stand in the way. Sometimes these imaginary barriers need to be broken down – other times you can just change into a butterfly and fly right over them.