Stuck in a rut going nowhere

Reading time: 90 seconds.

“I was going down the rut route,” Jason told me. “For eleven years I’d get up at the same time every day, look in the same mirror, drive the same route, see the same faces, park in the same spot. One day it dawned on me I’m better than this.” Jason packed in his well-paid IT job and followed his dream. He sold his house, bought a small farm and started a business growing herbs and distributing organic seeds online. Today his wife and oldest son work alongside him full-time. “Going solo was a risk I couldn’t afford,” he says now, “but the moment I did it, the next steps were always obvious. I would never have believed how much I was capable of on my own.”

Sometimes not taking a risk is a bigger risk than taking one. There’s a great line in the 2012 movie Hope Springs. Meryl Streep’s character Kay, is talking with a friend about the fact her marriage to Tommy Lee Jones’ character has been in a rut for years and is going nowhere. The friend asks, “Are you  prepared to risk everything to shake things up?” It’s a great question. When you’re stuck like she was, you eventually stop growing and start to wilt. Kay was prepared to risk going to hell and back.  She endured extreme humiliation, risked losing her home, her relationship with her children and her friends. But she was persistent and found strengths inside herself she never knew existed, and the risk paid off.

Jason and Kay learned the second risk-takers advantage: you are more resourceful than you think. You know more, can do more and are stronger than you think.