A true story from my next book Be Brave. Take Risks.

“I’d steadily climbed the career ladder as a Chartered Accountant for the last 20 years. I had an amazing job on paper (good pay, good security, prestigious, well respected) but I couldn’t imagine doing it for 20 more years. I was bored, I was stuck, and I was trapped by ‘the golden handcuffs’. I had everything. How could I possibly give it all up? But I wanted something different – something interesting – something that would light me up.”

“I asked myself, if I could do anything, what would I do?  Where would I live? My dream job was to share with people the things I had learned about living a happier life. My dream place to live was the Mayan Riviera in the areas where people had very little, but always seemed so happy. When I told our two teenage daughters they were shocked but gave me their half-hearted support.”

“Being a logical, practical, get-things done kind of girl I immediately started figuring out what to do. I built a business around a light-hearted fun one hour happiness self-improvement session to be offered at resorts and wrote a book called ‘Happy Hour’ based on the program. 

“The move took two years and a lot of work and planning, but we made it, all four of us, much to the shock and surprise of everyone we knew!”

“Risking it all – making this huge life-shift when everyone thought we were crazy has been the best thing in the world for our entire family.  It has changed our lives. Changed our perspectives.  Changed us.  Forever. And…we aren’t done.  Once you discover the effects that taking a risk has on you…you aren’t scared anymore.  You know the risk is worth it.  It frees you.  Anything you want is possible. You aren’t scared of risks anymore”

Once you discover the effects taking risks have on you, you have the courage to take more. This is the third risk-takers advantage.