There’s not a single Fortune 500 company, billionaire, nobel prize winner or celebrity that will refute that:

1. we are more talented, creative, resourceful and confident than we ever dreamed possible – once we make up our minds to do something

2. unpredictable moments are infinite and everywhere and they can change your life, for the better, in a flash – if you are ready for them

3. when you align your all-powerful Imagination with People, Projects and Purpose, human potential goes up several notches to where you can make great things happen – and fear turns into Passion

There’s a wonderful line in the movie, Night Train to Lisbon, where Jeremy Irons character asks, “if it is true that we only live a small part of the life that is within us: what happens to the rest?”

We hold within ourselves the resources and the resourcefulness to accomplish 10 times more than we ever do, but we are limited, not by what we can do-but by what we willing to try. It’s our willingness to break barriers and step out of our comfort zones and try new things that give us access to all kinds of opportunities, to chance encounters and to lucky breaks.

My new speech Be Brave Take Risks and Make Great Things Happen shows audiences how to burst into life by aligning their imagination with people, projects, purpose and passion.