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– A couple of years ago I spoke to 400 financial advisers on a one week cruise around the Caribbean.

The service aboard the Celebrity Millennium was exceptional (there are ways to tell if it’s for real). By chance I learned that the head of customer service training for Celebrity Cruises was aboard at the time – so I found him and we chatted.

“We’re in the Celebrity business,” he told me, “the first thing we do is leverage the staff to treat the guests as if they are celebrities. That means you know their name, what they’re interested in and stuff like that. It means you light up when you see them. And you do it respectfully. If there are aspects that rub you the wrong way we show them how to imagine they are in a sitcom or a drama.”
This is simple and clever and works. Given most situation it’s easy for the staff to figure what to do. And it’s a heck of a lot easier than trying to remember a mission statement.

You could try the same for your business. A car rental company might be in the Freedom business. A financial company in the Future business. A computer chain in the Expedition business.

Get the right word and keep it simple and your staff can ask themselves, “am I doing it now or not?” If the answer if yes, your brand promise is on track.