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Step 1 – Find Your Key-Feeling before You Make Another Move It will save you agony, heartache and years of hanging around wasting time.

After interviewing more than two thousand people who have been together for more than twenty years, and are still actively crazy about each other, we discovered there is one “key feeling” in each person that needs to be validated. When you know your own key feeling and you’re out with some one, if they make you feel that way, (not by telling you but by making you feel it) the relationship has potential. If they don’t: it doesn’t. No Matter how much optimism you throw at it. ALSO, you can immediately rule-out 75% of the people you meet. And, you can begin to rule-in people you may have dismissed in the past.

Here is a simplified version of the key feeling quiz in How to Make Someone Fall in Love with You in 90 Minutes or Less that will give you a loose idea of your key feeling. Ask yourself two questions:

1. Am I more emotional than rational or more rational than emotional?

2. Am I more socially reserved or socially outgoing?

Locate yourself on the chart. That’s your key feeling. (If you have trouble figuring it out don’t worry, you can complete a more detailed questionnaire in the book). If the person you are seeing doesn’t make you feel that way, you are with the wrong person. If you are already in a relationship you’ll need to avoid the “Mental Minefields.”

Learn more in Chapter 2 How to Make Someone Fall in Love with You in 90 Minutes or Less