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The  best way  to begin  to meet new  people is through the  people you  already  know—your friends,  family, and  colleagues. I realize this is not earth-shattering knowledge, but sometimes the obvious bears repeating. Starting close to home ups your chances of meeting people who share  your social values. Let your friends know  you want to meet people. Sure, you  think they already know, but have  you told them outright? If not, make sure you do.

This is a time in your  life to make socializing a priority, turn it into  a habit, and  get  good  at it. Agree  to set  aside just one  day  a week for the  next  year  to get involved with the people you already know, those you only know vaguely, and  some you have  yet  to meet. Ask an acquaintance out for coffee or entertain friends at home. Join a community club or a volunteer organization. Invite friends to a sporting event, park,  museum, book  club,  concert, or  festival, and suggest they  bring  friends too.  The number of people you know will increase dramatically, along  with your  pool of potential partners. You’ll probably even  have  fun while you’re at  it. Make some plans right  now, and  then follow through with them. You’ll be surprised at the  results.