Great Organizations require Fully-Connected Leadership

It doesn’t matter whether you’re running an IT empire, managing a hotel chain, or giving the State of the Union speech, great leaders connect on three levels at the same time: trust, logic and emotion. Great leaders makes employees and customers feel “I trust you, you make sense, and you move me.” Most people can deliver on one or two of these fundamentals. Being Fully-Connected – delivering on all three – is the hallmark of true leadership.

Opportunities are everywhere and they always come in the shape of people. Research show that as much as 85% of a company’s financial success comes from its ability to engender trust and respect with employees and customers. A great leader understands that everybody is not the same and that the workplace is made up of many types of personalities. Leadership that fails to build trust and rapport at first contact with these different personalities can face insurmountable challenges, while the rewards of leadership that connects and communicates with trust, clarity and emotional impact with all kinds of people, are almost immeasurable. Fully-Connected Leadership knows that all business is about taking good ideas to market; that each employee is part of an Idea Delivery System and the better the leadership is at shaping and delivering those ideas to their employees the more success that leadership will achieve.

Fully-Connected Leadership Qualities

A Fully-Connected leader knows how to project optimism, confidence and credibility through spoken words and body language. It knows how to capture the imagination and inspire cooperation with simple words and mental images. Fully-Connected Leadership knows how to identify and motivate different personality types (including their own) to make sure everyone is on the same team

Lessons in Leadership

To compete in today’s marketplace successful companies know that connecting on three levels is essential to success:

  1. Trust. The ability to build trusting, durable, relationships with the human side of employees and customers.
  2. Logic. The skills to communicate ideas, products and services clearly and simply by articulating what leadership wants and how to get it
  3. Emotion. And a knack for inspiring enthusiasm and cooperation in themselves and others to consistently make fresh connections and stay top of mind and build business through strategic, memorable, networking

How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less is an upbeat, interactive speech that shows leaders how to deliver Fully-Connected Leadership to employees and customers without taking themselves too seriously. Fully-Connected Leadership, like any kind of leadership, that takes itself too seriously tends to suck the energy out of employees and customers alike.