Who will complete you?

No matter what  you might  have  read or heard elsewhere, the truth is that exciting, loving,  lasting relationships are an artful  blend of  “like attracts like,” so  you  actually like,  respect, and  can  put up  with  each other; and  just  the  right  amount of “opposites  attract,” so  you  can  enjoy  being  silly  together and keep  the sparks flying. The person who has  the  right  combination of these two things is your  Matched Opposite.  Matched in values and  motivators, opposite in behavior and personality traits.

Hold up your  hands in front  of you. you don’t have  two left hands or  two  right  hands. you have  a perfect pair  of matched opposites. Individually, they  can do many things, but together they  can work wonders.

The first step to finding your Matched Opposite is to find your Key Feeling.

Find your Key Feeling at www.matchedopposites.com.

Then you’ll know exactly who will complete you.

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