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How about love at first “site.”

Janice, a divorced mother of three, was lonely. “I just wanted some intelligent conversation,” she confided. “I knew nothing about Internet dating.”

At her 17 year-old daughter’s urging, Janice signed up for a one week trial on a dating site she found on Google. Cupid must have been stalking her that night because within 5 minutes of exploring the site Janice came across a username that caught her eye. She took the plunge – her first click.

“I’m a nurse,” she told me, “and, don’t get me wrong, but I was looking for someone intelligent, just to chat with. I noticed this username and it made me think this guy might be in healthcare. It wasn’t obvious: I don’t think you’d get it if you weren’t in the profession. Anyway, I clicked and said ‘Hi.’ 30 seconds later I got a reply. ‘How are you?’”

“For the next 6 days I was never so tired in my life – but for all the right reasons. For 3 days we chatted online from 11 in the evening until 3 in the morning, then we switched to the telephone and talked long into the wee small hours. He was so interesting and articulate and the time flew by for both of us as we shared our stories, our thoughts and our dreams. We seemed addicted to each other. Then we met in person. That was a year ago. We both have kids and they have since become firm friends. And me and my Dentist? We’re inseparable. We have lots in common but our personalities are so different. I’m outgoing and he’s very reserved. I don’t believe in soul-mates, at least I didn’t, but it’s like he’s the other side of me. Thank heaven for his username.”

This approach may not work for everyone but if you’re looking for someone who shares your values and motivators consider choosing a username that reflects them and sends a subtle message. Your username is the real first impression people get from you after all.