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A box of chocolates, a bunch of flowers and dinner at a fancy restaurant are NOT romantic. They’re very nice but you’ll forget them in a week or so.

Romantic means memorable and that means, “story-worthy.”

We don’t fall in love with other people; we fall in love with the feelings we get when we are with them. We turn those feelings into words and carry them around as stories. As the stories are told, emotions unfold and grow and our hearts are filled romance.

More than anything, a date requires talking and something “story-worthy. That rules out movies, sports events, and other super-noisy (or super-silent) locations. When planning any real date, ask yourself these four questions:

  • Is it somewhere he or she will feel safe?
  • Is it something he or she will enjoy?
  • Is it somewhere we can talk?
  • Is it different? This is not going to be a “normal” event; it’s supposed to be special, for both of you. Normal is easy; it’s everywhere. This event needs an original context.

When you eventually meet someone who might be your matched opposite, use the same four criteria and choose somewhere extra-special and story-worthy.

See some great romantic dates.

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