When Bill Gates, the richest man in the US asked Warren Buffett, the second richest man in the US “How do you define success?” he replied, “I tap dance to work.” That’s StorySpeak. Warren Buffett used the happy tone of old Hollywood song and dance movies where the characters would break out into a happy song and do a tap dance to paint a picture of how he felt.

When Bill gates was asked why he didn’t come up with the iPhone he said “it’s kind of like surfing. We’re all out there waiting for the next wave and I was in the wrong place. It went to the other guy.” That’s StorySpeak too.

Steve Jobs was obsessed with StorySpeak. One of his most basic analogies was to change “graphical interface” to “desktop.” He called the computer “a bicycle for the mind” and used intuitive metaphors for his products like iPad, air and Apple. When my company Corporate Images helped him launch the Mackintosh in Toronto in 1984 he told me he wasn’t a natural communicator but he’d worked at it really at it and it paid off.

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