A while back I appeared on The Today Show on NBC and was asked how can you appearĀ smarter, socially when you walk into a room full of of strangers. Here’s what I said:

1.Wear great clothes – more people will take you seriously (don’t over do it – don’t be better than anyone else)

2.Head for the middle (popular people always go to the middle of the room in restaurants, parties classrooms etc.),

3.Move more slowly than usual. People who move fractionally more slowly than others tend to get noticed and come across as confident and sexy. Get into the habit so it becomes natural: otherwise don’t bother.

4.The three-second rule. Notice someone and within three seconds go over and say something. Do this several times.

5.Ask “Talk-show” question. The best way to start a conversation is with a statement followed by an open question. “I hear Seattle’s a fantastic place. If I only had 3 hours what should I see?” Remember to give feedback.

Watch the clip on the Today Show