Reading time: 90 seconds – What’s all the fuss about connecting face-to-face?

Simple. When you actively make new connections you’ll live longer, be healthier, make more money.

Here are a few things to consider

The benefits of connecting with other people:
  • Connect to be healthier and live longer

People between 35 and 65 who actively connect are 3 times less likely to die of medical illness than those who don’t. Alameda County Study. Dr. Lisa Birkett

  • Connect to be more successful

New contacts, friends and acquaintances, equals more opportunities, new perspectives and increased income. As much as 85% of your financial success comes from your ability to engender trust and respect. Stanford University, Dr. Thomas Harrell – Social Extroversion

  • Connect to be safer

Connected communities provide their members with strength and safety

How to Connect with other people
  • Make a great first impression and people will see the best in you and want to say “yes” to you.

Use the ABCs of first impressions Attitude, Body-Language and Congruence to neutralize the fight of flight response and send signals of trust, comfort and confidence

  • Get people talking to build trusting relationships quickly

Use “talk-show host” questions to open people up and share their needs, wants and dreams

  • Move people emotionally so you can get them to see things your way

Connect through the senses to gain mutual empathy

  • Network to stay energized, inspired and confident, and to broaden your opportunities exponentially

Present yourself so you are compelling and memorable. Hear yourself talk out loud

The benefits of connecting with yourself:
  • Connect with yourself to find opportunities that are right for you

Use the KFC process (K-Know What You Want, F-Find Out What You are Getting, C-Change What You Do Until You Get What You Want) to find opportunities that are right for you

  • Stay open to opportunity so you can continue to grow even after retirement

Enrich your life and increase your level of satisfaction pursuing new opportunities and revisiting old interests. Package and share your expertise with others

How to Connect with yourself
  • Find your purpose in life to inspire yourself and others

Discover if you are visual, auditory or kinesthetic (touch-feely) and distinguish between what motivates you (temporary) and what inspires you (permanent)

  • Re-ignite your 5 natural-born superpowers to function with peak performance

Enthusiasm, Curiosity, Empathy, Feedback, and Imagination