Reading Time: 90 Seconds  Connect and Live Longer. 

People, passion, projects and purpose are more important to health and longevity than diet and exercise.

Humans are energy systems. We get our energy from just three sources: food, fresh air and other people, and like all energy systems in nature, we only have 2 settings: energy flowing or energy going (growth or decay – live or die). Nothing in-between, that’s why:

  • People who actively connect face-to-face live longer than those who don’t because energy only flows between people face-to-face
  • People in control of their lives live longer than those who leave control to “powerful others” and to luck, because they have less stress and less cortisol in their bodies
  • People with people, passion, projects and purpose in their lives on a regular basis harvest enormous amounts of joyful energy and signal their bodies to grow. People without these four fountains of energy, unwittingly signal their bodies to decay
  • When people, passion, purpose and projects come together, body, mind and spirit do so too, and human potential moves to the next level
  • There is no substitute for the real thing
  • Aging is inevitable – premature death is invariably a lifestyle choice

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