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Remember those little blocks we played with as kids. The ones with the letters on them? We built them into words and the words took on meaning.

As we grew we learned to make words into phrases and phrases into sentences.

Then all of a sudden we have language. And a life created around the words we take to heart.

Thomas Bata, Canadian footwear magnate, liked to tell the story of two shoe salesmen despatched to a remote part of Africa decades ago. The first sent back a message to head office saying, “Total waste of time. No-one here wears shoes.” The second messaged, “Huge potential. No-one’s wearing shoes yet.”

The BeeGees had it right. “It’s only words..” and words are all we’ve got to build the lifestyle of our choice. Just ask yourself!

Performance is related to perceptions and perceptions are rooted in language. Spoken and unspoken.