Like all energy systems in nature, we humans only come with 2 settings: grow or go. Live or die. Nothing in between.

There’s a tiny part of your brain that sits at the top of your spinal column that you need to know about. It has a big job: it is in charge of your survival on this planet. Apart from being responsible for your fight or flight response, your visual tracking, your startle reflex and a whole bunch of other basic instincts, it also decides who you can trust and who you can’t.

This most ancient of brains also decides whether you will grow, or depending on the signals you send it, “go.” In other words live or die. Scientists call this part of your brain The Reptilian Brain.

Your Reptilian Brain works independently of your conscious mind and just reads the hidden signals you send it. It’s job is to help you grow. When you are hunting and gathering and getting out there (not just for survival, but for projects, purposes and people) it keeps your lights on and tells your body to keep growing. But, if you stay inside lounging around with a full tummy, doing things that leave nothing to chance it says, “my work here is done.” Then switches off your lights and leaves town. Taking you with it.

Life is energy. We are energy systems who get our energy from just three sources: food, fresh air and each other. Energy only knows two states: on or off. Growth or decay. When we make positive ongoing face-to-face connections we grow with the energy and feedback we share with each other. This is quite literally the power of togetherness.