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Just take a look at the person sitting next to you, or in front of you – or look at anybody. The great truth is that person is just you, going through a different set of experiences since the day they were born – and doing their best to get along. You, me, them – we have the same basic instincts. We laugh, we cry, we dream, we have yearnings, we need each other.

Why am I writing this? Because this is the time of the year when family, close friends, caring, sharing, and love are in the air.

Surely, this is what this holiday season is all about. We are all scooped up from the same life-force, but separated from it in our human form, we yearn for those feelings of unity again.  It is to that yearning, those intense feelings of separation, that we have given the word “love.”

Take care, look at all the people  –  and have a lovely Christmas.

Sincerely.   Nick Boothman